3 Hidden Issues That Can Strike Your Car At Any Moment

Most of us would probably like to think we are quite conscientious in how we manage and look after our cars, on both a day-to-day and longer-term basis. As part of that, you probably imagine that you are alert to the signs of any emerging problems with your vehicle, so that you can respond to it swiftly.

In practice, though, not all potential issues with a car will necessarily be greatly obvious or even show up straight away. Here are a few examples of such problems that really could arise in your vehicle at seemingly any time.

A faulty battery

The consumer group Which? has previously stated that battery problems are among the most common issues to strike the most popular car models in the UK. This is clearly a major worry, given the fundamental role a battery plays in a car’s operation – powering the vehicle’s computer, ignition system, lights, radio and so on.

But what it is that makes a car battery fault a hidden issue? Well, it’s simple – a lot of the time, you might not realise there’s even a problem with your vehicle’s battery until the car suddenly fails to start on a morning.

However, it isn’t always the case that there aren’t any tell-tale signs of an about-to-die battery. It tends to be a car’s electrical systems that show the first signs of the battery not working properly. So, you should be alert to such potentially easy-to-dismiss things as your car’s radio cutting out, or the headlights seeming a bit dimmer than normal.

Suspension problems

The suspension system of a car is also of fundamental importance in ensuring a smooth and trouble-free driving experience. But problems with the suspension might not manifest in symptoms that you can immediately attribute to the suspension failing, so you may initially think that even any obvious problems are caused by another aspect of your vehicle.

Consider, for instance, the phenomenon of a car seeming to pull to one side while driving. This will basically be down to one of three potential causes: the vehicle’s tyres, its brakes, or the shock absorbers.

Our experts in car servicing and MOT in Thurrock can help rule out each of those problems. We’re skilled professionals when it comes to tracking and tyres, for example, so we’ll be able to check that your tyres are precisely aligned and correctly inflated.

If even having your tyres checked out and aligned doesn’t prevent the car pulling to the side, the suspension system is the obvious next thing to check. The shock absorbers, control arms and ball joints can all potentially show indicators of wear or damage, and if you don’t know what to look for, our technicians at Advanced Service Centre can thoroughly check for you.

A malfunctioning boot latch mechanism

It’s one of the horror situations dreaded by drivers: they’re minding their own business driving down the road, only for the boot to pop open with seemingly no warning.

One potential cause of this problem is someone driving into the back of your car. Even if the collision appears to be a relatively light one, your boot latch may still end up sustaining damage that isn’t obvious at first glance.

The above risk is a good reason why, if your car does get hit in the rear, you should have it examined by professionals – even if the vehicle does still seem to be in a perfectly driveable condition.

There you go – just three of the many troubling malfunctions that can happen to a car with little or nothing to warn you of the worst that may be about to occur. These potentially frightening events give you all the more justification for being vigilant and arranging to have your car MOTed and serviced at the appropriate intervals by professionals like ours at Advanced Service Centre Laindon

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