Is It Safe To Drive With A Nail In My Tyre?

There isn’t a single driver out there who wants to get a nail in their vehicle’s tyre; it’s both annoying and inconvenient. It always seems to happen at the worst times, and could leave you trying to change your car’s tyre on the side of the road.

Punctures are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, but it is more than just a flat tyre – it can also be potentially dangerous. So, what do you need to know about the safety of driving with a nail in your car’s tyre?

How can you tell if you have something in your tyre?

Often, the first sign that you have something in your tyre is when it goes flat. This can happen straight away or over a more protracted period of time, depending on where on the tyre the object is, and what damage it has caused.

Most drivers realise quite quickly that they have a flat tyre. If it happens to you, it is important to stop as soon as it is safe to do so, to check what has happened and change the tyre.

Sometimes, the reason for a flat tyre is an obvious one, but with something like a nail, it can be difficult to spot the cause.

Another way you can tell if you have something in your tyre, is when you check all your tyres before starting your journey. Nails can be difficult to see, especially if they are on the part of the tyre that is touching the road surface, or under the wheel arch.

On some occasions, you may not realise you have a nail or other object in your tyre until you take your vehicle to MOT garages in Laindon, Essex, where they can be discovered during service and MOT checks.

How often should you check your tyres?

It is important to check your tyres before each journey to see if there are any nails or other damage to the tyres. If you cannot see anything, then you can carefully rub your hands across the surface of each tyre in case you can feel any problems.

To check for wear on the tread, this should be done regularly to ensure your tyres are still within the legal range. You can get inexpensive tools to measure the tread depth and tell you if your vehicle’s tyres will need replacing soon.

By doing these checks regularly, you will know when a problem occurs and can get it fixed quickly before it becomes dangerous.

If you are unsure about how to check your tyres or whether they are within legal limits, you can always ask a qualified mechanic or tyre specialist to check them for you.

Is it safe to drive with a nail in my tyre?

It is not safe to drive when you have a nail in your tyre. Although it can sometimes lead to a slow puncture, there are other dangers that can happen if the tyre is compromised.

One serious problem is that the tyre can suffer a blowout, especially at high speeds. This could lead to a serious crash.

The only reason you should drive with a nail in your tyre is if you are going to a tyre centre to get it fixed. Even then, you need to be especially careful not to go too fast.

The same applies to any other damage to your tyres; they must be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and incident.

Can a nail in the tyre be repaired?

This depends mostly on where the nail is on the tyre. If the nail has gone into the centre of the tread, this can sometimes be repaired if there is no other damage.

However, other parts of the tyre – such as the side walls – cannot be repaired, and you will need a new tyre.

When you take your car to the tyre centre, they will be able to assess the tyre and tell you if a repair is possible.

Will a nail in the tyre fail the MOT?

If there are any objects in the tyre such as nails, then this will cause the car to fail its MOT. This is because it is considered unsafe and would make driving the car illegal unless it’s repaired or replaced.


Getting your tyres checked and road worthy is important. Not only does it make your car road legal to have good tyres, but if you continue driving without maintaining your vehicle’s tyres in the best possible condition, you could be putting yourself at risk of a serious accident.

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