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Advanced Service Centre provide puncture repairs at their workshop in Basildon.

How do you get a puncture?

The main causes of punctures are:

  • A nail or shard of glass going through the tyre which allows the air to escape.
  • Other road hazards such as uneven road surfaces and potholes.
  • Damage to the valve stem that you use to inflate the tyre – if this is damaged or maybe clogged up, it can allow air to leak.
  • If the surface of your tyres is worn down, they’re more likely to succumb to punctures so it’s worth keeping an eye on wear and tear. If you’re not sure about safe levels of tread wear, give the team at Advanced Service Centre a call.
  • One of the other most common causes of punctures is over-inflated tyres. If the tyres are too full of air, they become very inflexible and are more likely to puncture if, for example, you hit a pothole.

Signs that you have a puncture

The most obvious sign of a puncture is if your tyre looks flat or deflated. However, if you’re driving and you can feel your car shuddering or if it’s pulling over to one side, these are also signs of punctures. In this case, pull over when it’s safe to do so and get in touch with Advanced Service Centre.

Can all punctures be repaired?

There are restrictions on which punctures can be repaired and this depends on the size and the location of the damage. If the damage is to the side of the tyre or if the puncture is too large, it will probably result in a tyre replacement which Advanced Service Centre will be able to help you with.

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As a trusted independent garage in the Basildon area, Advanced Service Centre is affiliated with several reputable customer-focussed organisations within the motor industry, including the DVSA, Payment Assist and the Motor Ombudsman. We are also proud to be affiliated with world-leading automotive parts brands such as; Pagid (brakes), Varta (batteries), and Castrol (lubricants).

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