What is the difference between a car MOT and a Service?

What is the difference between a car MOT and a Service?


If someone asked you what you would seek to get done to make your car roadworthy, chances are you would respond with either a routine yearly MOT or a regular service. Both are correct, but many drivers confess that they don’t know the difference between the two, or which one they might actually need. So, what’s the difference?


What is an MOT check and what does MOT stand for?

What does MOT stand for? Any ideas?

Don’t be embarrassed, in a recent survey it was concluded that 85% of drivers didn’t know what the acronym MOT stood for, so what better place to start than this. Despite being defunct since 1970, MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport. So… you’re getting a ministry of transport? Well, technically, no. You’re getting an MOT certificate. Over the years its just been shortened to an MOT, hence why people may no longer know the algorithm.

In short, an MOT test is an annual inspection of your vehicle that is required by law. It follows a strict checklist of criteria which determines if your vehicle is fit for purpose and in roadworthy condition. An MOT is just the test itself. When someone says they went for an MOT and it cost them ‘x’ amount and it seems expensive, there’s two likely scenarios. The first, is that they’ve been ripped off. If that’s the case, next time send them here to Advanced Service Centre for a fantastically priced MOT in Grays, Essex. The second option, if they haven’t been overpriced, is that they would have failed their MOT if it wasn’t for essential work carried out by the garage, hence the extra fee.


So what is a Vehicle Service?

A service is a vehicle inspection based on guidelines set out by your vehicle manufacturer rather than the DVSA. A service will keep your car in a reliable, safe, and fully-functioning condition, often to the manufacturer’s spec. In some ways an MOT test and service are quite similar and both include checks on essentials such as tyres, brakes, and seatbelts.


However, a service is more thorough in that it covers the vehicle health, not just the ‘safety-critical’ aspects of your vehicle. It also includes the replacement of some parts such that are not to do with safety or are road legal requirements. This is all to maintain the smooth running of your car with the benchmark being the day your car left the dealership. A full service can also include replacement spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter (where applicable) to further improve vehicle performance.

So, now you know the difference between an MOT and a service, next time you know which one suits your car’s needs. Luckily, here at Advanced Service Centre, we offer both. So, if you decide a service is what you need, you can find out more about our car service in Grays here.

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