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Don’t Look Elsewhere for Car Battery Services in Essex

There are very few parts of a car that are as important as its battery. So, when it comes to all aspects of car battery servicing and replacement, you will want to place your trust in a car garage that can offer you the very best services, at the right price.

This is exactly what you can expect when you turn to Advanced Service Centre in Laindon. Whether you are seeing signs of your present car battery needing replacement – leading you to visit our Essex garage – or you take advantage of our mobile car battery fitting service, you can look forward to an excellent-quality, responsive, and great-value service from us.

Is Your Car Battery in Need of Replacement?

You don’t necessarily need to wait until the worst-case scenario – your vehicle not starting at all – in order to become aware that it may be time to replace your car battery.

That’s because any of the following signs could indicate now is the moment to enquire to a reputable Essex car battery servicing specialist such as Advanced Service Centre:

  • Your car is slow to start. If you turn the key and it seems to be taking longer for your car to start than was once the case, this might suggest the internal components of your battery are starting to erode, as can happen when the car battery ages.
  • Warning lights are appearing on the dashboard. You might have recently noticed either the engine warning light or the battery warning light illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard. If this happens, you should urgently arrange for specialists like ours to test your car’s battery. This is because the engine warning light illuminates due to the battery not providing sufficient voltage to the car’s computer.
  • You’re seeing the car lights are dimmer, or other electrical issues. If you have encountered either of these issues with your vehicle, it will be a further sign of your car battery needing to be replaced. A deteriorating battery will be less able to power the electrical system of your vehicle.


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What Car Battery Services Do We Offer in Essex?

Here at Advanced Service Centre in Laindon near Thurrock  we can offer all the below car battery services, to help ensure your vehicle benefits from the best-quality battery in optimal condition.

  • Car battery testing. We can test your battery for free; it will take us just a few minutes. By checking your car battery’s voltage, start capacity, and condition, we will be able to quickly assess the current health of the battery, and diagnose any problems.
  • Car battery recharging. Your vehicle’s battery being flat is not necessarily an indication that it will need to be replaced; our complete recharge service could be enough to revive your battery for continued use.
  • Car battery replacement. If it does turn out that a new battery needs to be fitted to your vehicle, we can undertake this for you, fitting the right battery at the right price. We can give you a broad range of excellent car batteries to choose from.
  • Mobile battery fitting. You don’t necessarily need to be at our car garage, in order to benefit from our battery replacement services. That’s because we can fit your new car battery at a location and time that suits you, such as at your home or office during the day.

When it comes to all things car batteries, and the related services that will be key to keeping your car on the road, there’s no need to look further than Advanced Service Centre in Essex. To learn more about our car battery services in Laindon, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our Car Battery Service Process

Get Yourself Booked In

Simply book through our website or give us a call to arrange your car battery testing, recharging, or replacement.

Find & Fix The Fault

Whether your battery needs a complete replacement or you just want it tested, we can identify exactly what you need and how to address it.

Get Back On The Road

Once your fault has been repaired or fixed, we can get you back on the road.

Advanced Part Warranty

We’re so confident in our car servicing and that all of our parts are of the highest standard that they all come with our advanced warranty promise.
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We have many years of technical and managerial experience and will always use high-quality parts when servicing your vehicle.

Our battery recharge and replacement service will help your car working at its full potential.


Our break testing and maintenance will ensure your breaks are fully functional and will never let you down.


Is your exhaust making an abnormal noise? Our experts can get it checked and diagnose any issue to get yourself back on the road.

Our oil and filter change service will make sure your car is fully functioning and less likely to let you down when you need it most.

We have many years of technical and managerial experience and will always use high-quality parts when servicing your vehicle.

Your timing belt should always be replaced at the time specified by your manufacturer. However, with a lot of usage, it may need to be replaced earlier.

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Get your air-con recharged, serviced or replaced by our experts so you’re equipped for the hot weather when it hits!

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